How to deploy LoopBack 4 application in Heroku

$ npm i -g @loopback/cli
$ lb4 example todo-jwt
$ Projects/loopback4-example-todo-jwt
$ cd loopback4-example-todo-jwt 
$ npm start
Server is running at http://[::1]:3000
git init
web: npm run start:prod
# Logs

# Dependency directories

# Typescript v1 declaration files

# Optional npm cache directory

# Optional eslint cache

# Optional REPL history

# Transpiled JavaScript files from Typescript

git add . && git commit -am “ci: add heroku deployment configs” && git push
Note: If you named your branch anything else searching with deploy will not list your branch. Please search with the name you used to create your branch
Note: to enable automatic deployments each time you push to main branch click the Enable Automatic Deploys button
Note: this application may not be available the next time you visit this page. However, if you following the steps above you will have your own application available in the URL of your choosing.



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Mo Modise

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